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Did you get stuck in Little Alchemy? Or maybe you're just looking around to see what other things you can find in the game?

Regardless of your motivation, you can get Little Alchemy hints right here!

Go ahead and try some random hints!

Little Alchemy is a game of trial and error. Start with 4 basic elements and mix them to create hundreds of unique items.

Little Alchemy Classic

Download Little Alchemy for iOS and Android or play it directly in the browser of your choice!

Little Alchemy for Browsers

Little Alchemy 2

Play Little Alchemy 2, the sequel to Little Alchemy! Includes new visuals, combinations, original soundtrack and more!

Available for free here:

Little Alchemy 2 for Browsers

Little Alchemy 2 Hints

If you're looking for hints and cheats to Little Alchemy 2 you can find them here:

Little Alchemy 2 Hints

Little Alchemy Store

We just launched an official store!
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Little Alchemy Official Store